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What Is A Single-Tenant Net-Leased Property?

Q: What is a single-tenant property?

A single-tenant property is a freestanding retail, office, medical, or industrial building that is leased and occupied by one tenant, user, or company. Continue reading…

The Time/Money/Risk Benefits of Triple Net Leases

Investors will often hear that there are many benefits to triple net leases but for those who may be exchanging from multi-family, land, or manufactured home parks–or new investors that may have inherited property–the benefits of the triple-net, may not be clear. Continue Reading…

Interested in learning more about single-tenant net-leased properties, watch our video, “Single-Tenant Net-Leased Properties, What Are They & Are They For You?“.

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Net-Lease Report | JAN – DEC 2017

In this January – December 2017 Single-Tenant Net Lease report, we look at key performance metrics for leading brands in several of the retail industry’s top performing categories, including average cap rates, S&P credit ratings, and more. View…