I wanted to write and thank you for all of your help with the sale of Brookside Square. The entire sale process went very smoothly and very much as you had promised before we went to the market. As we were interviewing brokers, you described your marketing strategy and explained how you would work to generate multiple offers which would help us to achieve a successful closing. In the end, that is exactly what happened. I am confident that our receipt of many offers helped us to select the best buyer who was most likely to close with minimal hassles.

Due to my travel schedule, I was away during much of the due diligence and closing process. I was able to travel with comfort as a result of your detailed involvement throughout the process. Many brokers disappear once a deal is under contract and just wait for a commission check to show up. You stayed involved every step of the way and did everything possible to make sure we reached the finish line with a successful closing.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail. In this challenging environment, I know the job we hired you to do was both challenging and time consuming which makes me even more pleased that all of your promises to us were fulfilled.

Eve Tolley