I want to express how pleased and impressed I have been with you and your team with our most sale of the Action Gator Tire location that you coordinated for us. We have known each other for several years through our many phone calls and meetings at ICSC events. Though we had never previously had a chance to work together, you were always a valued source of information and market data.

When the opportunity first arose to develop locations for Action Gator, you worked with us closely to evaluate the potential project and assisted us in reviewing the prospective lease. You provided extensive insight into our unique situation and brought our project to market prior to commencement of construction. Our goal was to secure a buyer soon after we started construction and ultimately close very soon after rent commenced.

Your efforts and accomplishments met and achieved expectations at every turn. By creating competition from among the offers received, you were able to work closely with the broker for one of the buyers to have inspections completed before we had even started construction. Also, by you working closely with the attorney for both parties along with the buyer’s 1031 intermediary, we were able to complete a successful closing that took place just days after we had started construction. As a result, months before rent commenced, we were in a position of celebrating a successful closing. This enabled us to complete construction on the project with zero stress related to financing or cap rate risk.

Given your success on this project and your genuine commitment to going above and beyond expectations, I am looking forward to many more deals together.

Best regards,
Beau Blackerby