Thank you for all your help in the marketing and sale of my AutoZone location in South Carolina. This deal presented many unique intricacies due to the nature of my simultaneous acquisition of the dirt and sale of the property under a ground lease with AutoZone. It took an outstanding broker to help buyers understand and get comfortable with the process of my deal. I was very pleased that you were able to find a buyer that was able to work with our process without feeling like I had to make any concession on price.

You fulfilled every promise made to me and I was very pleased with your marketing efforts which resulted in multiple offers. By having several offers, we were able to be selective and choose a buyer we were comfortable would close in spite of the challenges of our deal structure. Your interviewing and qualifying of the prospective buyers helped to ensure we selected a buyer that would be very good to work with.

Unlike many brokers, you did not disappear once a contract was signed. Your consistent follow up and involvement throughout the contract process, helped to ensure that we had a successful closing. I look forward to working together on many future deals!

Best regards,
Travis A. Butler, President
Butler Properties & Development, LLC