Congrats on our most recent closing together. It’s great to have another Panera closing in the books with you. We work with many brokers in our dealings but I’d like to acknowledge that you and your team are among the very best we work with. The level of follow up and degree to which you manage our deals and communicate with my team is definitely superior. When we first started our work together, I told you I was no fan of teams where I start out dealing with a top agent and am then quickly dealing mostly with junior agents or support staff. You assured me that we would be dealing with you personally and that you would stay intimately involved in our deals. I am always a little skeptical when entering into these new relationships but I must say that you have been a man of your word. We hear from you throughout the process of our deals and my staff truly appreciates the follow up and way you work with them. Thanks again for all your assistance.

Thomas H. Lile
Gulf Coast Commercial Group, Inc