Macy’s is Our 2018 Retail Most Valuable Player

Macy’s is Our Wolfe Pack Retail Ratings 2018 Most Valuable Player   Macy’s has had a rough last couple of years but they didn’t give up and have fought tooth and nail to make their way back. To do so, the iconic retailer has: Gone all-out with its store-within-a-store concept and partnered with leading digitally-native […]

1031 Exchanges Explained

A 1031 Exchange allows you to defer the taxes from a commercial property sale by reinvesting the proceeds from the sale in “like-kind” property, within the specified time frames, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

There are two critical deadlines that must be met…

Sale-Leasebacks Explained

If you’re a commercial property owner and are looking to expand your business, a sale-leaseback may be an option for you. A sale-leaseback is when a property owner, who is also an operator, sells their property but continues to operate it by leasing back the property from the new owner.

The Time/Money/Risk Benefits of Triple Net Leases

The Time/Money/Risk Benefits of Triple Net Leases   Investors will often hear that there are many benefits to triple net leases but for those who may be exchanging from multi-family, land, or manufactured home parks—or new investors that may have inherited property—the benefits of the triple-net, may not be clear. A net lease is a […]

What Is A Single-Tenant Net-Leased Property?

What Is A Single-Tenant Net-Leased Property? A STNL Q&A CHEAT SHEET   Q: What is a single-tenant property? A single-tenant property is a freestanding retail, office, medical, or industrial building that is leased and occupied by one tenant, user, or company.   Q: What is a net lease? A net lease is a type of […]

4 Paws Up for Dunkin’ Donuts!

It’s 4 Paws Up for Dunkin’ Donuts! Dunkin’ Donuts has been on fire lately stepping up to the challenge and firing on all cylinders. They’ve taken their, “BLUEPRINT FOR GROWTH” 2018-2020 initiative to heart  and been mega-strengthening their in-store menu as well as their to-go offerings while staying fresh with topical items. But the fresh, […]

Macy’s Gets 2.5 Paws Up!

It’s 2.5 Paws Up for Macy’s! While Macy’s has gotten a bad rap in the last couple of years, we think they’re on their way to making a comeback. Ignoring the recent data breach, Macy’s has been making an effort to reposition itself and play on at least some of its assets. For example: They’ve […]

Walmart Vs. Amazon – The Battle of The Retail Giants

Walmart Vs. Amazon – The Battle of The Retail Giants What’s their next move? Post by Barry Wolfe Did you see this one coming? Sam’s Club is building a small-format concept that will be “centered on convenience and a digital experience” stocking only 1,000 to 2,000 skus. (Read story here: On the same day, […]

Panera Bread Four Paws Up

We’re giving Panera Bread Four Paws Up for their commitment to continuous innovation and evolution while staying true to who they are as a brand.     As an example of their willingness to innovate, Panera recently grew their omni-channeling capabilities by expanding its delivery program to ~13,000 drivers and employees, up from 10k in […]

Single-Tenant Net Leased Trends Report JAN-DEC 2017

In this January – December 2017 Single-Tenant Net Leased Report, we look at key performance metrics for leading brands in several of the retail industry’s top-performing categories, including average cap rates, S&P credit ratings, and more. Segments include: Beauty/Health/Drugstore Dollar Stores Auto Parts Coffee/Bakery Restaurants (QSR/Fast Casual) Banks Wireless Others Download the JAN-DEC 2017 Single-Tenant Net […]