I’ve appreciated your help over the past year with the sale of my Aaron’s locations. I first started considering a few years ago doing sale-leasebacks for some of the locations I owned. When we first met, your experience and knowledge of the Aaron’s brand gave me additional confidence that you were the right person for the job and our work together has proven that assessment to be correct.

Your help in structuring my transactions were invaluable as I worked through the process of re-organizing my company. With the properties spread across thousands of miles, you did a great job of sourcing both individual buyers as well as two different portfolio buyers. The advice and guidance you offered as we worked through the deals was critical to their successful closing. Many brokers become scarce once a deal goes to contract but you stayed involved right up to each closing and have even made yourself available following the closings to assist as any matters have come up.

As I was entering into long-term leasehold relationships on the sale-leasebacks, it was imperative that we structured a lease and landlord-tenant relationship that would work for me long-term. You took this process very seriously and I know you looked out for my best interest.

After closing our tenth transaction together, I am very confident in recommending you to other franchisees that are considering sale-leasebacks.

All the best,
Spencer Smith
Smith Group