Alan came recommended by another Marcus & Millichap broker in the same office who knew I was needing help finding 1031 replacement property for two apartment complexes we were selling in Charlotte, NC. Because of the amount of work and attention that would be involved in these transactions, Alan needed a full, exclusive commitment that we would use his services. We were reluctant to make that commitment with so much at stake for us, but did so after speaking with several of his glowing references, others like ourselves with limited experience with NNN along with strict deadlines.

We have no regrets and only positive experience with the work he did for us. Alan threw himself into finding properties we’d be interested in, made sure the negotiations were successful in every case, advised us about pertinent aspects of each deal, worked with our attorneys to make sure we met our targets, reviewed contracts and leases, and generally helped manage each of the replacement deals we closed on.

In the end, we purchased four NNN properties of a sort we were interested in in areas we wanted at terms that worked for us. Each closing was successful and done in a timely manner. The 1031s met their targets and the replacements are giving us the returns we’d hoped for, fairly closely matching the original properties we sold.

I’ll be glad to speak with anyone interested in exploring the use of Alan’s services and experience. We owe Alan our gratitude for his help.

Sincerely yours,
Lawrence Sorkin